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Perron discusses Equity & Access

Dr. Julie Perron, Director of Equity and Dual Programs, briefed school board members at the Sept. 17, 2019 school board meeting on the outreach program she has implemented this school year for staff. This fall, Perron is visiting each school and department to raise awareness on issues around equity.

“Our focus is removing obstacles so all students have access to a quality education,” said Perron. “It is important for our staff to seek to understand and discover what our students are experiencing.”

Perron, a dynamic and high energy speaker, uses a variety of easy to understand metaphors and stories from her vast experiences in education to address equity and inclusiveness issues.
Perron spent many years of her career in high poverty areas of Southern California. She also worked for Spokane Public Schools in mostly inner city settings. She said these experiences have taught her if you want to bring families to the table, you have to become the table.

She recounted how she would regularly walk students home to learn more about their families and home life. She said it is critical to have high expectations for students everyday, every time.
Next for Perron and her team is to continue these conversations with staff and plan for another round of in-service sessions. She plans to incorporate an emphasis on inclusiveness with the Equity and Access Committee. Perron is exploring ways to further empower the Latino Club, and developing more partnerships with other inclusive groups in the community. She also has her eye on developing an equity policy that serves as an equity lens for the strategic plan. Perron said she is excited to be in her new role and is looking forward to meeting everyone.

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