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ACT Scores Up

Recently released ACT scores for the class of 2019 reveal a .6 increase for WWPS graduates from an average composite score of 19.0 to 19.6.

“Unlike most school districts, WWPS assesses every senior at both Walla Walla High School and Lincoln High School annually,” said Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith. “This annual administration not only provides each student the opportunity to take the college admittance assessment, but also provides the district an opportunity to assess the preparation of its completers as it strives to reach its vision towards "Developing Washington's Most Sought-After Graduates." 

While the nation saw a decrease overall, from 20.8 to 20.7 last year, Walla Walla Public Schools witnessed its second-highest achievement score to date, up significantly from 18.5 in 2013. 

"Since we assess all of our seniors in the ACT, whereas most districts only report college-bound student scores, it is unlikely we will ever exceed state or national results,” said Smith. “Despite our comprehensive administration of the test, we are seeing our results edge closer and closer to state and national marks."

A deep data dive revealed a number of promising trends and outcomes, the most significant being Latino students in WWPS outscored their statewide counterparts by achieving the highest ACT score ever recorded for WWPS Hispanic/Latino graduates. Students who participated in four years of English and three or more years in math, social studies and sciences, boasted an average ACT score of 24.7, the highest performance to date.

"This reveals the importance that all students continue to challenge themselves academically throughout their high school career with the many rigorous elective options our levy dollars provide Walla Walla students," said Smith.

As part of the district's Strategic Plan indicators, the School Board established a target composite score of 22 for the 2022 graduating class.   


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