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Levy Ballots Mailing Soon

Ballots for the proposed Replacement Education Levy will mail out to voters Jan. 22. Remember to vote. Visit the district’s website for all the details – https://www.wwps.org/levy

Levy Facts

Q: When is the election?

A: Ballots will be mailed out to voters Jan. 22 and must be postmarked by election day (February 11).

Q: Didn't we just pass a levy last November?

A: No. That was a school construction bond. Remember that bonds are for buildings, and levies are for learning. Bonds can only pay for school facility improvements. Levies must be renewed every 4 years by law, and pay for educational and program opportunities the state's basic education program doesn't provide.

Q: What will this learning levy do to my tax rates?

A: Tax rates will not go up. This is a replacement levy. The $2.50/$1,000 proposed rate replaces the expiring 2016 levy, and maintains the current tax rate we are paying now, through 2024.

Q: What does the levy pay for?

A: Levies pay for programs and learning opportunities the state basic education program doesn't fund. In Walla Walla, this funds about 1 in every 5 employees. For example, the levy pays for every Honors/AP teacher, in addition to music, fine arts, drama, PE, and many other elective teachers the state prototypical model does not fund. It provides for approximately 13 school health clinicians, 16 intervention specialists, 13 classroom/kindergarten assistants, 11 custodians, 6 school safety officers, additional front office staff, 6 technology staff, and 10 facilities/maintenance employees. In addition, it pays for our entire extra-curricular program, supplementary pay for staff, employee professional development, additional classroom supplies, the bulk of our classroom technology, and additional special education programs/staff.

Q: How long has Walla Walla maintained this "learning levy"?

A: This "learning levy" has been in place for over 50 consecutive years in Walla Walla.

Q: Do most districts have levies?

A: Levies are in place in over 290 of the 295 school districts in Washington. While many other districts also maintain technology, maintenance, and transportation levies, the Walla Walla Board of Directors is only proposing to replace the expiring four-year "learning levy" (2017-2020), with a new 4-year levy (2021-2024). Walla Walla Public Schools maintains one of the region's lowest overall education tax rates.

Q: Where can I learn more about this levy?

A: Visit our website at: https://www.wwps.org/levy

A: Watch our brief levy video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGhba3445D4

A: Contact Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith (wsmith@wwps.org / 509.526.6715) or Communications Director Mark Higgins (mhiggins@wwps.org / 509.526.6716)

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