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District Launches Walla Walla Online

Walla Walla Public Schools Announces Fully Online Learning Option for Families in the Fall

July 13, 2020: WALLA WALLA - Coming this fall, families may request a fully online experience through Walla Walla Online for their K-12 student. With the launch of the program’s website at https://wallawallaonline.org, school officials are sharing information about the free, online public school learning platform being offered by Walla Walla Public Schools in September. Enrollment requests will begin on July 22, where families completing the fall 2020 survey can select the Walla Walla Online option for their child.

“This fully online experience will serve students in all grades who may need an alternative setting for health or safety reasons, but is also intended to serve students and families who may experience better learning success in an online delivery model,” noted Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith.

Walla Walla Online utilizes award-winning digital curriculum that is aligned to Washington State learning standards. A full-time online school program, Walla Walla Online students will participate in similar coursework as students in the traditional school setting. An individualized learning plan is established for each student, where a WWPS certificated teacher serves as the student’s learning coach throughout the school year. Additionally, the program’s support team, including content specialists and support staff, stand ready to assist students and families in order to ensure a successful online experience.

Elementary students learn math, language arts/reading, science and social studies, and have access to select electives. The elementary learning program includes both online curriculum as well as workbook materials. Secondary students are assigned similar grade-level coursework as their traditional school peers. Courses are built to standards to meet middle school progression and high school graduation requirements with a rigorous curriculum. Engaging content keeps students interested and motivated to succeed. At the same time, courses are designed to help students learn independently but with assistance from a Walla Walla certified learning coach.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this alternative learning option as we anticipate many families will need or want this service based on prior feedback,” stated Superintendent Smith. “While online learning is not right for every child and family, we did hear many stories of students who thrived with this fully-digital experience this spring and we want to continue to be able to make this an option for them.”

Walla Walla Online will feature multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of diverse learners. Every student will be provided a Chromebook to access their learning from home. Walla Walla Online includes a plethora of middle and high school classes with more than 100 state-aligned courses, including core, honors and advanced placement. As an enrolled student of Walla Walla Public Schools, online learners maintain access to many of the district’s athletic and club programs. Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, online students may be able to participate in select elective classes at school sites not offered through the online school such as SEATech, CTE courses, band/music, etc.

To learn more about Walla Walla Online please visit the website for program and contact information at: https://wallawallaonline.org

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